This website is designed to be as interoperable as possible to make it compliant with the widest range of accessibility tools and browsers. Most modern browsers allow you to control the way pages are displayed.

There are generally two aspects of page display that you can change from within the browser to make pages easier to read - text size and colours.

Text size

In most browsers you can easily change the text size in one of two ways:

  • Holding down the 'Ctrl' key and pressing the '+' (plus) or '-' (minus) key will increase or decrease the size of the text.
  • Holding down the 'Ctrl' key and rolling the mouse wheel - pulling the wheel towards you will increase the size of the text, pushing it away from you will decrease it.
  • Holding down the 'Ctrl' key and pressing the '0' (zero) key will return the text to its default size.


Most browsers allow you to change the colour of text and hyperlinks using menus, usually accessible from Tools -> Options -> Colours.

Some browsers will also let you define a 'user style sheet' to have even more control over the way pages are displayed.

For full instructions on making all aspects of the world wide web more accessible, see the My Web My Way website from the BBC.

Suggested downloads

You may also wish to use other software, such as that below, to assist you in using this website

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