SWAP publishes reports on various topics.

Project reports

The following project reports were produced by projects which were supported by funding from SWAP.

  • Creative analysis of NSS data and collaborative research to inform good practice in assessment feedback (2010)
    Karin Crawford, Andy Hagyard & Gary Saunders, University of Lincoln
    Project report (PDF, 452KB)
  • Developing students' ability to critically analyse social work theory (2003)
    Pam Green Lister, University of Glasgow
    Project report (PDF, 167kb)
  • Diversity and Achievement: An Evaluation of Support for Learning (2003)
    Kate Kirk, Manchester Metropolitan University
    Project report (PDF, 185kb)
  • Enhancing social work students’ learning experience and readiness to undertake practice learning (2010)
    George Wilson and Berni Kelly, Queen's University Belfast
    Project report (PDF, 396KB)
  • Examining the impact of problem-based learning on surface and deep approaches to learning (2006)
    Gavin Heron, Glasgow School of Social Work, University of Strathclyde
    Project report (PDF, 89KB)
  • Exploring student perceptions of assessment feedback: What works in developing student learning? (2008)
    Liam McCann, University of Lincoln
    Project report (PDF, 181KB)
  • How effective is art as an interprofessional learning tool in enhancing understanding of women’s health issues in a multi-cultural community?
    Melissa Owens, University of Bradford
    Project report (PDF, 27KB)
  • The impact of work based learning on students' understanding of citizenship and their role in the community (2006)
    Gary Taylor, Malcolm Todd & Mike McManus, Sheffield Hallam University
    Project report (PDF, 614KB)
  • Information literacy for social work students (2003)
    Susie Andretta with Peter Hodgkinson, Stuart Isaacs, Donna Dustin, Richard Skues, London Metropolitan University
    Project report (PDF, 159KB)
  • Integrated Children's Services in Higher Education (ISC-HE) - Evaluating practice to support learning for new roles (2009)
    Billie Oliver, University of West of England
    Project report (PDF, 115KB)
  • Interprofessional education (2006)
    Roger Smith and Liz Anderson, Department of Medical and Social Care Education, University of Leicester
    Project report (PDF, 261KB)
  • An investigation of group learning on practice placements (2003)
    Trevor Lindsay, University of Ulster
    Project report (PDF, 207KB)
  • It couldn't happen here... A workshop to discuss detection and deterrence of plagiarism in social work students' assessed work (2007)
    Karen Postle, University of East Anglia
    Project report (PDF, 133KB)
  • Health and social work students and carers evaluating multimedia resources for people with communication difficulties (2006)
    Robert Johns, University of East London; Celia Goreham, City University; Celia Harding, City University; Rix Centre, University of East London
    Project report (PDF, 162KB)
  • Monitoring the implementation of personal development planning: Engagement and effectiveness (2006)
    Peter Redding, Quality Enhancement Centre, Learning & Teaching Support Unit, and Jacqueline Lee, The Centre for Social Work, School of Health & Social Sciences, University of Wales Institute, Cardiff
    Project report (PDF, 115KB)
  • Participation and Learning: Citizen Involvement in Social Work Education in a Northern Ireland Context - A Good Practice Guide (2006)
    Joe Duffy, Lecturer in Social Work, University of Ulster, Northern Ireland
    Project report (PDF, 4.49MB)
  • Skills Development and Theorising Practice in Social Work Education (2006)
    Peter Ford, Brenda Johnston, and Professor Rosamond Mitchell, University of Southampton
    Project report (PDF, 545KB)
  • Social work law in practice (2006)
    Michael Preston-Shoot, University of Luton and Suzy Braye, University of Sussex
    Project report (PDF, 433KB)
  • Teaching, learning and assessing communication skills with children and young people in social work education (2008)
    Michelle Lefevre and Barry Luckock, University of Sussex
    Project report (PDF, 471KB)
  • Younger students in social work education: our new 'non-traditional' students? (2007)
    Cathryn Holmstrom, University of Sussex
    Project report (PDF, 72KB)

Consultancy reports

Consultants experienced in the fields of social policy and social work occassionally produce reports on pertinent subjects. These will be displayed here as and when relevant.

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